Fine Art Maternity Photography

During pregnancy, you are absolutely itching for your bundle of joy to arrive. In fact, the special day can’t get here soon enough! Welcoming your little one into the world is your top priority. And then before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over and you’ve entered the world of parenthood.

It’s important to capture this special time so that your family can look back and cherish all of the miraculous little details for years to come. The glow of your skin, those fluttering kicks, the whirl of excitement, and all the endless belly kisses.

A maternity photography shoot with Shmily Photography is the perfect way to capture the wonderful essence of your pregnancy in a stunning and unforgettable way. As the best maternity photographer in Melbourne, there’s no one who can do pregnancy photography quite like us. 

$499 Radiant Maternity Experience

  • One-hour professional photo session at our charming studio on 128 Bridge Rd, Richmond.
  • Full access to our exclusive maternity client wardrobe, ensuring you look and feel your best.
  • Receive all images taken during the session in high-resolution digital format (basic editing).
  • Elevate your memories with 8 carefully selected photos, expertly fine-edited to perfection.

$699 Studio Maternity Portrait

  • 2.5-3 hours luxury portrait experience in our professional studio at 128 Bridge Road, Richmond
  • You’re welcome to provide inspiration if you have 2 styles from our portfolio that you would love to capture during your session (2 props & backdrops will be provided)
  • Hair and make up with our exclusive artist in studio
  • All images taken during the session will be given to you in the high resolution digital format
  • Curating and post-processing 10 selected images
  • One 10×12” classic frame (mat board & fine art printing are included)
  • Family Welcome

$1256 Newborn & Maternity Photography Package

Newborn portraits are best captured in the first 4-14 days, while your baby is sleeping soundly and curling up into those adorable womb-like poses. For babies that are born early and spend time in the hospital, we recommend scheduling a session within the first week of being sent home. We encourage families to book their newborn photography session as early as possible to ensure availability. Also, We are more than happy to travel to your home to photograph these images.

What to Wear

We have a variety of wardrobe options in our studio, including fitted maternity gowns, lace robes, bodysuits, crop tops, silk fabrics and Chinese traditional costumes to accentuate your curves. You can view samples in our portfolio.

Scheduling your session

Maternity portraits are generally captured around 30-34 weeks, when your belly is beautifully round and you’re still feeling comfortable for a variety of poses. Of course maternity portraits may be captured up to the very last day of pregnancy, and we try our best to allow flexibility in our calendar for last-minute openings.

Artistic Editing

We will spend an extensive amount of time curating and post-processing the best images to showcase in your gallery. We carefully compare the images from your session to select the best ones from each concept based on facial expressions, posing, lighting, sharpness, background, and overall appeal.

Displaying Your Art

Besides the high-resolution digital files & 10 fine edited images, this maternity portrait session also includes a 10×12” classic frame to store your most special memory. We specialise in photo framing, so we can design a custom display for your home.

Maternity Photography FAQs

While you can most definitely be photographed at any stage of pregnancy, you want your photoshoot to show off you and your pregnant belly at its best. That’s why we recommend getting your maternity photography done at 30-34 weeks – or seven to eight months – into your pregnancy. This is the optimal window for pregnant women to capture their journey, as they can move freely and pose comfortably without experiencing fatigue or the photoshoot being taxing on their body. 

Another reason why 30-34 weeks is the perfect window for pregnancy photography is because your baby bump is beautifully round since you are in your third trimester. However, this rule can be broken for certain circumstances, such as if you are expecting twins or are in a high-risk pregnancy situation. In this case, it is better to capture your special moments earlier in the pregnancy.

At Shmily Photography, we want to achieve your maternity photoshoot vision. If you wish for your photography session to be outdoors, we will do everything we can to ensure we capture exactly what you’re after. 

Our outdoor photoshoots typically take place in the beautiful Carlton Gardens or Fitzroy gardens, depending on your preference. The photoshoot will last for a duration of 2.5-3 hours.

Have your own maternity photoshoot ideas? Tell us! We love to hear your inspiration, and you can pick two styles from our portfolio that you would love to capture your own variation of during the shoot.

There’s rarely a time in your life where you get to do a maternity photoshoot. Because of this, you want to ensure you get everything right, all the way down to the outfit you wear. In order to get a final result you love, along with have multiple options you can display throughout your home, we recommend bringing two or three outfits to wear during the session. Pack a range of casual and formal outfits so you have a wide variety of options to choose from – such as dresses, skirts, even sweaters if you’re doing a cosy-theme shoot.

If you are stuck for choice, don’t worry. You can pick two outfits from our collection of pieces to fulfil your maternity photoshoot vision. Our pieces include fitted maternity gowns, lace robes, silk fabrics, traditional Chinese costumes and much more!

While the focus of a pregnancy photoshoot should be on mum and her beautiful baby belly, that doesn’t mean that dad shouldn’t look sharp! It is best to wear colours that complement the mother’s outfit without matching entirely – think similar hues and colour palettes. 

Jeans, chinos, or other dark bottoms are the ideal choice for maternity photography shoots. Avoid shorts unless your photoshoot is very casual. Crisp white shirts are a classic, you can never go wrong with these. T-shirts and crewnecks are also versatile options that are ideal for slightly more casual or outdoor shoots. However, when going for t-shirts and crewnecks, always ensure you pick neutral colours and plain designs – steer clear of busy patterns as this will take away from mum. In the end, where and what you feel most comfortable in, and you won’t go wrong!

Whether you wear jewellery or not to your maternity photoshoot is truly up to you; we want you to feel comfortable and most like yourself when capturing your significant moments. Accessories can complement your outfit and take your photoshoot to the next level, becoming a part of the magic. However, you don’t want to overdo it, as this can take away from yourself and your baby bump.

If you do decide to wear jewellery, we suggest keeping it simple. Dainty gold or silver pieces are a suitable option, as these won’t take away from your ethereal glow. Avoid bold statement jewellery such as chunky necklaces – these can be enjoyed after your maternity photography session!

No, 37 weeks is not too late. While the golden period is between 30-34 weeks, it is still possible to take your pregnancy photoshoot after this time. However, since 37 weeks is considered full-term pregnancy, you may experience some discomfort during the shoot when doing some maternity photography poses. We will cater the photoshoot to your needs and make it as comfortable for you as we possibly can. Be sure to communicate your needs and limitations with us prior to or during the shoot so we can work with you to create an enjoyable experience. 

To best prepare for a maternity photoshoot with Shmily Photography, we recommend booking early in order to avoid stress and secure a time and date that best suits you. In the lead up to the session, feel free to talk to us about any desires and wishes you have for the photoshoot, along with any potential inspiration. If there are specific images and poses you’re after, let us know and we will work with you to achieve them.

Before the session, ensure you practice self-care and get plenty of rest! A pregnancy photoshoot is your special day, and you deserve to treat yourself. Go get that manicure and facial! But don’t worry about hair or makeup – leave that up to us. Our in-studio hair and makeup artist will ensure you look your best during the session.

At Shmily, our maternity photoshoots last for a duration of 2.5-3 hours. This is enough time to ensure that you get the perfect collection of photos capturing your special moment, without feeling discomfort or fatigue from posing or standing for too long.

Absolutely! Here at Shmily Photography, we have an in-house hair and makeup artist who will spend time with you before the photoshoot to enhance your beautiful pregnancy glow. This leaves you with one less thing to stress about on the day! 

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